Acifin Recruiter Application

Who can apply?

We welcome anyone to apply, please be aware that we will only accept those who attempt a very well thought through application written in perfect English.

You will be brought on as a trial recruiter, you will be expected to find 10 partners, once you hit 10, we will partner your channel and take you on as a full recruiter. You will then be paid for every single channel that you recruited and any more you recruit going forward.

Trial recruiters get access to our brand new Recruiter Dashboard which provides live updates on all of your recruits, to track your progress and completion of the trial.

Full recruiter benefits:

  • You will receive 10% of the profit generated for Acifin by every channel you recruit monthly.
  • Support and mentoring from our team of YouTube experts.
  • Welcome pack with all of the information you need to get started.
  • Partner channels instantly, no waiting around for approval, minimum requirements overlooked to partner friends.

Other Positions

Join us as a partner - Our partners receive 24/7/365 support from our friendly support team, out of this world technology, promotion and a high revenue share.

Join us as a content aggregator - You will be able to run your own network under your own brand without worrying about a thing. We'll handle your applications and pay your partners.

Join us as an affiliate - You'll simply receive a referral link which you can place anywhere, such as in your video descriptions. We'll pay a competitive commission rate for anyone who signs up after clicking your link.

Your info

Personal details

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Contact info

And finally, how would you like to log in to the dashboard?


Why would you make a good recruiter?

Please realise the importance of this box before considering your answer. If you can't string a sentence together with correct spelling, we don't want you to represent the network. Use this to sell yourself in the same way you will sell Acifin as a network to channels you want to recruit; if we aren't convinced you want to be committed to our growing network, your application will not receive a response. Use capital I's and show your passion for not only online video, but Acifin as a network.